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ABN AMRO explains decision to utilize public blockchain for bond tokenization


ABN AMRO’s Use of Public Blockchain for Tokenization: Insights and Key Learnings

ABN AMRO Makes Case for Public Blockchain Tokenization

Martijn Siebrand, a representative from ABN AMRO, recently spoke at a Tokeny webinar where he advocated for the use of public blockchain for tokenization. ABN AMRO has been actively involved in running trials on both private and public blockchain networks, ultimately choosing the latter for its various advantages.

One of the key benefits of using public blockchain for digital bond issuance is the automation and streamlining of manual processes. By leveraging smart contracts, ABN AMRO has been able to reduce the number of colleagues involved in projects from 180 to just 20, highlighting the efficiency gains achieved through blockchain technology.

In a recent project, ABN AMRO facilitated the secondary trade of the European Investment Bank’s digital bond on Ethereum, showcasing the potential for speedy and atomic settlement. The bank also collaborated with APOC Aviation and Vestada on bond issuances using the Stellar and Polygon blockchains, respectively.

Greg Cignarella from Tokeny emphasized the appeal of public blockchains as a shared infrastructure, offering efficiency benefits and the potential to overcome silos created by private blockchains. Despite misconceptions about the risks associated with public blockchains, Mr. Siebrand reassured that ABN AMRO has implemented safeguards to protect against potential risks, particularly reputational ones.

Looking ahead, Mr. Siebrand envisions a future where CFOs are accustomed to working with digital assets and cryptocurrencies, underscoring the importance of education and mindset shifts within the industry. By focusing on adding value at key points in the securities value chain, ABN AMRO aims to stay relevant and prepare for the evolving landscape of finance.

Overall, the tokenization sector is still in its early stages, with room for growth and innovation. As more data becomes available and advanced solutions emerge, the potential for cost savings and efficiency gains in digital bond issuance on public blockchains continues to expand.


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