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Auditor of Russia2024 blockchain voting campaign faces doubts


Doubts Arise Over Auditor of Russia2024 Blockchain Voting Campaign

Title: Doubts Arise Over Auditor of Russia2024 Blockchain Voting Campaign

Russian exiled anti-Putin activist and former Pussy Riot lawyer Mark Feygin has recently launched a blockchain app called Russia2024, aimed at challenging the legitimacy of the recent Russian elections. However, doubts have been raised regarding the auditing process of the app by Halborn, a renowned international blockchain security firm.

Feygin’s initiative involves a referendum allowing Russians to vote on the legitimacy of the elections using the Russia2024 app, which utilizes Rarimo’s Freedom Tool for surveillance-free voting. Despite claims of being audited by Halborn, there is a lack of concrete evidence to support this assertion.

While Feygin mentioned in a Telegram post that Russia2024 was audited by Halborn, no official confirmation could be found on Halborn’s website. Additionally, a Notion document shared by Feygin as proof of the audit appears to be related to Rarimo rather than Russia2024.

The official websites of Russia2024 and Rarimo mention Halborn as the auditor, but the lack of transparency in the auditing process raises concerns about the app’s credibility. Rarimo’s director, Kitty Horlick, confirmed that the project was audited by Halborn and Ambisafe, providing links to PDF versions of the audits on Rarimo’s Github.

Despite these claims, the authenticity of the audits remains in question, as there is no concrete evidence to prove that either Rarimo or Russia2024 were actually audited by Halborn. This controversy casts doubt on the legitimacy of the blockchain voting campaign and raises concerns about data handling processes within the app.


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