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Birdeye Incorporates Live Cryptocurrency Market Data on Sui Blockchain


Birdeye Integrates Real-Time Crypto Market Data on Sui Blockchain

Birdeye Integrates Real-Time Crypto Market Data on Sui Blockchain

Birdeye, a leading onchain crypto trading data aggregator, has recently announced its expansion of services to include the Sui blockchain. This integration, which began in April 2024, aims to provide real-time crypto market data APIs and WebSockets for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications on the Sui network.

The move by Birdeye to integrate with the Sui blockchain is a significant step towards enhancing data accessibility for developers and traders within the Sui ecosystem. By offering a range of comprehensive data services, Birdeye aims to empower users to build robust DeFi applications and make informed trading decisions.

Key features of Birdeye’s data services on the Sui blockchain include Price APIs, OHCLV APIs, Token APIs, and Trades APIs. These APIs offer detailed information on token prices, historical price data, trading activity, and more, essential for market analysis and trading strategies.

In addition to the API services, Birdeye also provides real-time data updates through WebSockets, allowing users to stay informed about token prices and trading activities in real-time. The unified dashboard offered by Birdeye simplifies the management of API keys, subscriptions, and billing, ensuring efficient operations for enterprise partners.

By supporting innovation and growth within the Sui ecosystem, Birdeye Data Services aims to attract a wider user base to Sui by providing comprehensive and real-time crypto trading data. Developers and traders can now leverage Birdeye’s data services to create advanced DeFi applications on the Sui blockchain.

For more information on Birdeye’s data services and pricing plans, interested parties can visit the official Sui Blog. This integration marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between Birdeye and the Sui blockchain, paving the way for enhanced data accessibility and innovation within the DeFi space.


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