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Bitcoin Price Gears Up for ‘Most Parabolic Phase’ – 5 Key Updates to Know This Week


Bitcoin (BTC) Faces Key Resistance as May Closes: Can $69,000 Fall by June?

Bitcoin (BTC) is starting a new week with pressure on key resistance levels as the May monthly close approaches. The cryptocurrency’s price action has been keeping bulls on their toes, as it struggles to flip old all-time highs to resistance. The question on everyone’s mind is whether $69,000 can fall by June.

The week started off quietly with Memorial Day in the United States keeping institutional activity at bay until May 28. However, macroeconomic catalysts are heating up with U.S. data prints coming into focus, which always play a crucial role for crypto and risk assets.

Bitcoin has been facing its own challenges, with consolidation below all-time highs persisting for over two months. The market is at a critical juncture, with plenty of optimistic price predictions circulating, including a six-figure target for BTC/USD in 2024. However, concerns of a deeper retracement are still lingering in the background.

Over the weekend, Bitcoin saw some price action, briefly surpassing $69,000 before retracing after the weekly close. The weekly close at around $68,500 was the strongest since the start of April. Traders are now looking to turn $69,000 into solid support to pave the way for further upside.

As Bitcoin hovers around key levels, traders are closely watching for a breakout or breakdown. While some are bullish on a potential upside move, others are cautious and eyeing a larger correction. The recent Bitcoin block subsidy halving is also seen as a significant price catalyst that is still playing out in the market.

With U.S. markets closed for Memorial Day, attention is turning to the end of the week when U.S. macro data prints return. The Producer Price Index (PCE) will be a key focus, as it is the Federal Reserve’s preferred inflation gauge. The mood for risk assets remains cautious, with interest rate cuts not expected until later in the year.

Bitcoin whales have been actively buying the dip, with whale addresses holding nearly half a million BTC – the largest on record. This indicates strong demand from large investors despite the market’s current consolidation.

Overall, the market is at a critical juncture as May comes to an end. Traders are closely watching key levels and macroeconomic developments for clues on Bitcoin’s next move. Whether $69,000 will fall by June remains to be seen, but the market is poised for potential volatility in the coming weeks.


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