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Blockchain technology could potentially provide a solution for improving the UK’s transport ticketing systems


Heading: Innovative Approach to Transport Ticketing Using Blockchain and Ontology Technology

The University of Birmingham has introduced a groundbreaking new approach to transport ticketing that promises to revolutionize the way passengers and providers interact across all modes of transport. Traditional ticketing systems have long been plagued by issues such as lack of transferability and adaptability to new technologies and policies.

In a recent publication in the journal IET Blockchain, researchers unveiled STUB (System for Ticketing Ubiquity within Blockchains), a system that combines the power of blockchain and ontology to create a transparent and interconnected data framework for ticket providers. By tokenizing tickets on the blockchain and utilizing ontology to share contextual information about transport networks, providers can offer a seamless and user-friendly ticketing experience.

Lead author Dr. Joe Preece emphasized the importance of smarter transport ticketing systems in an increasingly interconnected world. STUB’s approach aims to empower existing ticket providers and technologies to share core ticketing data and build new solutions on top of it, rather than creating a central data platform with fixed transport policies.

The next step for the team is to implement a pilot scheme for the technology in a regional transport network to demonstrate its efficacy and gather feedback from operators and passengers. Dr. Preece acknowledged the challenges of integrating the new technology with existing infrastructure but remains optimistic about the potential benefits it can bring to the transport sector.

For more information on this groundbreaking research, you can refer to the published paper in IET Blockchain by Joseph D. Preece et al. (2024).


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