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Blockchain’s Next Major Challenge: Ensuring Confidentiality


The Future of Blockchain: Solving the Transparency Problem with Confidentiality

Blockchain and the Web3 industry have been making significant progress in terms of accessibility, with innovations such as account abstraction simplifying user experience. However, a crucial challenge remains: the lack of privacy and confidentiality in blockchain transactions.

The transparency of blockchain, while advantageous in many cases, poses obstacles to wider adoption. The exposure of sensitive transaction details hinders businesses from using crypto for payments, as it compromises their privacy and compliance with regulations.

To address this issue, encryption of blockchain data is necessary to enable full confidentiality in Web3. By encrypting transaction data, identities and transaction amounts can be protected, ensuring security and compliance with data protection regulations.

Confidentiality in blockchain transactions can also benefit on-chain auctions, anonymous voting processes, gaming, decentralized identities, and MEV prevention. Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) emerges as a promising solution, allowing computations on encrypted data and supporting complex transactions involving multiple assets and networks.

Companies like Fhenix are working to make FHE more accessible, with tools like fhEVM enabling developers to integrate FHE directly into their decentralized applications. The future of blockchain seems to involve a coexistence of ZK-Proofs and FHE, with FHE offering superior confidentiality and data privacy solutions.

Overall, the move towards confidentiality in blockchain transactions is crucial for the industry to reach mainstream adoption and address the privacy concerns of users and businesses alike.


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