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Crypto Options Traders Excited for Bitcoin (BTC) Price Rebound, Anticipating Rally to $100K


Options Traders Eyeing Bitcoin’s Potential Surge to $100,000

Bitcoin’s Price Surge Sparks Speculation of $100,000 Target

Bitcoin’s recent price surge has options traders buzzing with excitement as the possibility of the cryptocurrency reaching the $100,000 level this year is back on the table.

The leading cryptocurrency has seen a significant uptick, rising over 12% to $63,470 following Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s announcement ruling out additional tightening or rate hikes. This news, coupled with Friday’s disappointing U.S. nonfarm payrolls data, has accelerated Bitcoin’s recovery and reignited optimism among traders.

According to data from leading cryptocurrency exchange Deribit and over-the-counter networks, there has been a notable increase in demand for bitcoin call options targeting a rally to new highs, with some eyeing a potential surge past $75,000 and even reaching $100,000.

“We are seeing some bullish follow-through in volatility and rates following the reversal bounce from Friday and into the weekend. BTC risk reversals have gone positive, and there has been renewed demand for BTC call options at $75,000 and $100,000,” noted QCP Capital in a recent statement.

Institutional trading network Paradigm also observed a surge in demand for out-of-the-money calls, indicating a growing interest in options at strikes well above Bitcoin’s current market rate.

Data from Deribit reveals that traders have locked in over $688 million in $100,000 strike call options across various maturities, making it the highest notional open interest among all options listed on the exchange.

With more than 150,000 call option contracts worth $9.5 billion currently active on Deribit, the market sentiment appears overwhelmingly bullish, with analysts and traders alike anticipating further upward momentum for Bitcoin.

Both fundamental and technical analysts are aligning on the idea that Bitcoin’s path of least resistance is on the higher side, with some predicting a potential rise to $92,000 based on Elliot wave analysis.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to show resilience and strength, traders are keeping a close eye on key factors such as the U.S. election cycle, ongoing deficit spending, and the dollar index. With the market poised for further growth, the possibility of Bitcoin hitting the coveted $100,000 mark remains a tantalizing prospect for investors.


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