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Data Shows Ethereum (ETH) Gas Fees at Lowest Levels in Months


Recent Developments in Ethereum Gas Fees: Lowest in Six Months and Post-Dencun Upgrade Impact

The Ethereum (ETH) network is experiencing a significant drop in USD-denominated fees, hitting a six-month low, while other metrics are at their lowest levels since 2020. This drastic decrease in fees is attributed to the introduction of blobs in post-Dencun Ethereum, making network usage more cost-optimized than ever before.

According to automated tracking services, the average gas fee on the Ethereum network has reached 6 Gwei, the lowest level since January 2020. This has made all on-chain operations in Ethereum extremely cheap for users. Users can now swap assets with a $5 commission, cross-chain bridging is available at $2, and minting non-fungible tokens on Ethereum costs only $9.

The drop in USD-denominated gas fees is the lowest in six months, with prices not seen since November 2023. This decrease can be attributed to the effects of the Cancun-Deneb upgrade and low on-chain activity on Ethereum. As crypto prices take a breather amid a rally, many usage metrics have dropped in the last few days.

Since the activation of Dencun in mid-March 2024, USD-denominated Ethereum fees have dropped by 15x, from $30 to $2. Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has already proposed the next radical upgrade for the gas mechanism, called multi-dimensional gas, which is expected to increase throughput without risking safety.

Overall, the Ethereum network is seeing a significant shift in fees and usage metrics, signaling potential changes in how the network operates in the future.


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