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Doric Blockchain Joins as a Sponsor for the 5th Edition of Paris Blockchain Week at Le Carrousel du Louvre


Highlights from Paris Blockchain Week 2024: Doric Network’s Success and New Foundation Announcement

The 5th edition of Europe’s largest cryptographic event, Paris Blockchain Week, recently concluded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, marking a significant milestone in the blockchain and Web3 space. With over 9,000 participants and 500 speakers, the event lived up to its reputation as a leading gathering of thought leaders, innovators, and industry experts.

The iconic event took place during the week of April 9th to 12th at one of the world’s most prestigious venues: Le Carrousel du Louvre. The three-day event showcased the latest advancements and trends in blockchain technology, attracting a lineup of cryptographic leaders and high-profile sponsors.

Paris Blockchain Week featured a wide range of panelists, discussions, and presentations, covering topics such as Technological Builders, Public Policy, and Corporate Web3. Notable speakers included Richard Teng (CEO of Binance), Denelle Dixon (CEO of the Stellar Development Foundation), Tim Draper (prominent investor), and Marina Ferrari (French Secretary of State for Digital Affairs), among others.

Among the high-caliber sponsors present at Paris Blockchain Week, The Doric Network impressed with its bold declaration to become a plug-and-play solution for real-world asset owners seeking a fast, reliable, and comprehensive solution for their businesses.

Additionally, Doric seized this opportunity to unveil its new Doric Foundation in Switzerland, pledging to support the Doric community and blockchain education worldwide to bridge the gap between traditional finance and blockchain technology, enhancing accessibility and transparency in asset management.

Doric remains focused on its core vision of making tokenization accessible to everyone, as easy as possible. “Our participation in Paris Blockchain Week was a resounding success, fostering promising collaborations,” stated Theodore Essery, Head of Global Development at the Doric Foundation. “Being invited to such a unique event and having the opportunity to join the most prominent names in the industry for a private dinner at the Louvre Museum was truly a remarkable achievement for Doric and a great experience for our team.”

Overall, the 5th edition of Paris Blockchain Week was a resounding success, bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and experts to discuss the latest advancements in blockchain technology and Web3. The event showcased the growing importance of blockchain in various industries and highlighted the potential for further innovation in the space.


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