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Enjin Revamps Spark Program, Providing 200,000 Free Transactions for Enjin Blockchain Users


Enjin Announces Official Relaunch of Enjin Spark Program in Singapore

Enjin Relaunches Spark Program to Empower Web3 Gaming Developers

SINGAPORE, May 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Enjin, a pioneer in Web3 development, has officially announced the relaunch of its Enjin Spark Program. First introduced in 2019, the program attracted over 125 games to the ecosystem during the early stages of the Web3 games market.

The updated Spark Program offers enhanced features and benefits, including Fuel Tanks backed by up to 10,000 ENJ, providing top adopters with 200,000 free transactions. Participants will also receive 10,000 free transfers via Enjin Beam, the company’s QR-powered NFT distribution system, along with other exclusive perks.

Key benefits for Spark adopters include 200,000 free transactions, 10,000 free Enjin Beam QR transfers, featured NFT.io collection, priority support, multiverse items, collaboration network, and marketing assistance.

Rene Stefancic, Chief Operating Officer of Atlas Development Services, a core Enjin Blockchain contributor, expressed excitement about the relaunch, stating, “We’re thrilled to relaunch the Enjin Spark Program, reaffirming our commitment to developer success. Together with Enjin’s robust Web3 gaming technology stack, we are confident the Spark Program will attract a new wave of developers, fostering growth in the Enjin Ecosystem.”

Original Spark members from 2019, such as Lost Relics, The Six Dragons, and Kingdom Karnage, have evolved into esteemed games in the Web3 space. The Spark program now welcomes games, apps, and projects of all sizes to the Web3 market, solidifying Enjin’s position as a leading gaming ecosystem.

Savvas Lazopolous, CEO of BlockPegnio, the game studio behind The Six Dragons, highlighted the unique features of Enjin Blockchain that enable the blending of Web2 accessibility with advanced Web3 functionality.

By joining the Spark Program, high-quality projects gain exclusive access to technological innovations and growth initiatives designed to help games scale rapidly in the Web3 landscape.

Interested projects can visit Enjin’s new Spark Program portal at enjin.io/join to learn more about the program and register as a Spark Adopter.

About Enjin:
Enjin, launched in 2017, is a pioneer in Web3 development, offering gaming-specific development tools on Ethereum and designing the ERC-1155 token standard. Its ecosystem supports the deployment of scalable Web3 games and applications, utilized by hundreds of developers.

Key components include the Enjin Blockchain, Platform & API, Wallet, NFT.io Marketplace, and Enjin Beam.

For media inquiries, contact [email protected]. Brand assets are available at enjin.io/press-center. Press Release distributed by Atlas Development Services, a core contributor to Enjin Blockchain.



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