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Friend.tech’s blockchain development plan causes confusion among users


Friend.tech Announces Plans to Develop Friendchain Blockchain: Why the Decision has Users Questioning

The recent announcement by decentralized social media platform Friend.tech to develop its own blockchain, Friendchain, has sparked curiosity and skepticism among users and crypto enthusiasts alike. With many questioning the need for a social-focused chain and expressing concerns about potential higher gas fees compared to the current Base network, the decision has left many wondering, “Why?”

In response to the announcement, crypto trader Dr. Jojipup raised the question of the value proposition of a social-focused chain, while others like ox0 and Pop Punk echoed similar sentiments. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the move, the news caused a sharp spike in Friend’s price, with a 64% increase within 20 minutes before settling back down.

This significant fluctuation in price comes just a month after Friend.tech launched its native token, Friend, along with a major airdrop. The platform saw record transaction activity on the day of the airdrop, with fees surpassing $1 million in 24 hours, outshining industry giants like Uniswap and Bitcoin.

As the crypto community awaits further details on Friendchain and its implications, the decision to launch a blockchain has certainly stirred up conversation and intrigue. Stay tuned for updates as the story unfolds.


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