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Goldman Sachs plans to introduce three tokenization projects by the end of the year, according to the digital assets chief, signaling a resurgence in the crypto industry.


Goldman Sachs Expands Crypto Offerings with Tokenization Projects: A Look at the Bank’s Ambitious Plans

Goldman Sachs Prepares to Dive Deeper into Crypto with Tokenization Projects

Goldman Sachs, the 150-year-old banking giant, is gearing up to make a significant move into the world of cryptocurrency. With a surge in interest from clients, the bank’s digital assets global head, Mathew McDermott, revealed to Fortune that they are planning to expand their crypto offerings, including ambitious initiatives in tokenization.

Tokenization involves issuing “real-world assets” such as money market funds and real estate holdings on public or private blockchains. Goldman Sachs is set to launch three tokenization projects by the end of the year, with major clients, including their first in the U.S.

While other financial institutions like BlackRock and Franklin Templeton are also exploring tokenization, McDermott emphasized the importance of creating products that investors truly want. To gather feedback and insights, Goldman Sachs recently hosted a digital assets summit in London, attended by over 500 clients.

The launch of Bitcoin ETFs earlier this year has reignited interest in the crypto market, with Goldman Sachs playing a key role as an authorized participant in the ETF offerings. McDermott sees this as a sign of “renewed momentum in crypto,” despite differing views within the bank.

In a recent interview, Sharmin Mossavar-Rahmani, the chief investment officer for Goldman Sachs Wealth Management, expressed skepticism about crypto as an investment asset class and noted a lack of interest from clients. McDermott acknowledged the diversity of opinions within the institution, highlighting their focus on institutional clients and involvement in trading cash-settled crypto derivatives.

Tokenization remains a central focus for Goldman Sachs, with past projects including bond issuances and green bond tokenization. McDermott hinted at upcoming tokenization projects, with one focusing on the U.S. fund complex and another on debt issuance in Europe.

As the regulatory landscape around crypto continues to evolve, McDermott sees potential opportunities for Goldman Sachs to expand their offerings, including holding spot crypto assets and exploring execution and sub-custody services. With the bank’s strategic moves in the crypto space, it’s clear that Goldman Sachs is positioning itself for a significant role in the future of finance.


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