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Illinois-based Vibrant Credit Union looks to the future with blockchain technology


Vibrant Credit Union Partners with Metallicus to Explore Distributed Ledger Technology

Vibrant Credit Union Partners with Metallicus to Explore Distributed Ledger Technology

Vibrant Credit Union in Moline, Illinois, is diving into the world of distributed ledger technology (DLT) through a new partnership with San Francisco-based company Metallicus. This collaboration aims to explore how the credit union can integrate DLT products and learn more about their applications in the financial services industry.

Interest in DLT and digital assets has seen fluctuations over the years, but recent developments in the industry have reignited curiosity among financial institution leaders. Metallicus, known for its expertise in DLT, has been working with various financial institutions to develop research agreements and integrations with core providers like Jack Henry.

The launch of Metallicus’ Metal Blockchain Banking Innovation Program in January has attracted the attention of credit unions like Vibrant Credit Union, Meritrust Credit Union, and Fairwinds Credit Union. These institutions are eager to explore the potential of DLT in areas such as faster payments, mobile banking platforms, and more.

Peter Nohelty, the chief technology officer of Vibrant Credit Union, expressed interest in using DLT to enhance the credit union’s services and streamline operations. Through the Metal Blockchain Banking Innovation Program, Nohelty and his team are exploring ways to leverage Metallicus’ technology and potentially build their own systems on top of it.

The program offers participants access to research and development grants to support the implementation of DLT solutions. By collaborating with external fintech partners and core providers, banks and credit unions can enhance their capabilities and ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Despite challenges and regulatory uncertainties surrounding DLT and cryptocurrencies, institutions like Vibrant Credit Union are eager to explore the potential benefits of this technology. By working closely with regulators and industry experts, these institutions hope to navigate the complexities of DLT and unlock new opportunities for innovation in the financial services sector.


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