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Immunefi Collaborates with Ethereum Foundation for Crowdsourced Network Audit to Enhance Blockchain Security


Partnership Announcement: Ethereum Foundation and Immunefi Launch Attackathon for Ethereum Blockchain Audit

Immunefi and Ethereum Foundation Partner for Large-Scale Security Audit of Ethereum Blockchain

In a groundbreaking collaboration, blockchain bug bounty platform Immunefi and the Ethereum Foundation have joined forces to launch an unprecedented crowdsourced collaborative network audit of the Ethereum blockchain protocol. This initiative, dubbed an “Attackathon,” aims to be the largest-scale security audit contest ever conducted on the code of the Ethereum blockchain protocol.

Ethereum, a decentralized and open-source blockchain platform, was first introduced in 2015. It enables programmable transactions through smart contracts, providing a secure execution environment for a wide range of applications including cryptocurrency, financial services, supply chain management, gaming, and entertainment.

The Ethereum Foundation, a nonprofit community dedicated to advancing the Ethereum protocol, development, and security, is spearheading this effort to enhance the security and integrity of the Ethereum network.

Immunefi, known for running one of the largest Web3 security communities with over 45,000 researchers, has a proven track record of protecting billions of dollars in user funds across various blockchain projects. The platform has paid out substantial bug bounties totaling over $100 million, making it a trusted partner in the cybersecurity space.

The Attackathon comes at a crucial time for the blockchain industry, as security incidents and exploits continue to pose significant risks to decentralized applications running on blockchain networks. The audit aims to identify and address potential vulnerabilities within the Ethereum protocol, safeguarding the ecosystem against malicious attacks.

With the Ethereum blockchain supporting a cryptocurrency with a market cap exceeding $367 billion, the stakes are high for ensuring the network’s security and resilience. The Attackathon represents a proactive step towards fortifying the Ethereum ecosystem and protecting user assets from potential threats.

Immunefi and the Ethereum Foundation have invited the Ethereum community, ecosystem projects, and developers to contribute to the reward pool for the Attackathon. The initial $500,000 seed funding from both parties will be distributed as bounties to participants based on their contributions to the security audit.

As the sponsorship program progresses, further details about the Attackathon will be unveiled, with the reward pool set to be locked by August 1. This collaborative effort underscores the commitment of both Immunefi and the Ethereum Foundation to bolstering the security of the Ethereum network and ensuring its long-term viability.

Stay tuned for updates on this groundbreaking partnership and the outcomes of the Ethereum Attackathon as the cybersecurity community comes together to safeguard the future of blockchain technology.


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