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Inaugural D.C. Conference Launches for Developers of Bitcoin and Ethereum


Exploring the Genesis of ETHDC: A Conference for Blockchain Developers in Washington D.C.

The First-of-its-Kind ETHDC Conference for Blockchain Developers Comes to Washington D.C.

Developer conferences for founders and computer scientists, developers, and designers of cryptocurrency tokens and blockchain technology are typically found in places like San Francisco, New York, or cities that are tech hubs around the world. While Washington D.C. might not come to mind as a crypto tech hub immediately, a combination of remote working policies and burnout from policy conferences has prompted a ‘genesis’ first-of-its-kind conference only for developers in D.C.

The very first ETHDC conference is set to take place at Culture House DC tomorrow on May 14th, starting around 9:30am ET. The event will feature technical blockchain development speakers and panels with a touch of policy talk. Shailee Adinolfi, Business Development Manager at TrustMachines, shared how she identified a growing ecosystem of developers in the D.C., Virginia, and Maryland area, which has now grown to 300 people.

Adinolfi explained, “The genesis ETHDC conference is to put a spotlight on D.C. area founders in the crypto space. We formed the DC DAO and the idea of ETHDC came about because we wanted to have an event for ourselves that was not focused on policy where we have talked about things like scaling and roll-ups, token standards and abstraction and all the things that we want to do to scale, grow and succeed in this space, and partner with each other.”

With a renewed interest in developing applications on top of the base layer of Bitcoin, TrustMachines is focused on developing the Bitcoin ecosystem. The company sees an opportunity for bitcoin applications to be built that could potentially replace the fees that will naturally decrease over time from Bitcoin miners, providing a replacement for a financial incentive to keep the Bitcoin network secure and sustainable in the future.

UniSwap, MetaMask, and Casa are among the many companies that will be represented at the conference. Developers attending the event are eager to understand how these companies have dealt with launching tokens in a decentralized way in a safe space, focusing on what developers, not policymakers, want to talk about.

While policy discussions may arise, particularly regarding MetaMask and self-custodial wallets, the focus of the conference remains on technical development and collaboration within the blockchain space. Companies like UniSwap and ConsenSys are actively defending themselves against potential regulatory enforcement actions, showcasing their commitment to building in the U.S. and supporting the Ethereum ecosystem.

The ETHDC conference promises to be a unique gathering of blockchain developers in the D.C. area, providing a platform for innovation, collaboration, and discussion on the future of blockchain technology.


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