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Is Ethereum Going to Be Skipped in This Cycle?


Perspectives on Ethereum’s Performance in the Current Bull Cycle: Skippoors vs Waitooors

The debate among investors about whether Ethereum will be able to keep up with Bitcoin in the current bull cycle has been ongoing since September 2023. Some believe that Ethereum will be left behind, while others remain confident in its potential for growth.

One perspective, referred to as the “Skippoors,” argues that Ethereum is going through an awkward phase with the introduction of Layer 2 solutions. These solutions aim to address the high fees and scalability issues on the Ethereum mainnet, but they may be causing confusion and fragmentation among new users. Despite the long-term benefits of Layer 2 solutions, some believe that Ethereum may struggle to attract new buyers in the short term, leading to underperformance compared to Bitcoin in this cycle.

On the other hand, the “Waitooors” are optimistic about Ethereum’s future. They point to the significant improvements in the Ethereum ecosystem since the last bull cycle, such as the profitability of the chain, the development of zkEVMs, and the potential for ETH ETFs. They argue that Ethereum’s strong fundamentals and growing adoption will eventually lead to a surge in value, making it unlikely for Ethereum to miss out on this bull cycle.

Ultimately, the debate between the Skippoors and the Waitooors highlights the uncertainty surrounding Ethereum’s performance in the current market. Whether Ethereum will be able to catch up to Bitcoin and surpass expectations remains to be seen, but both perspectives offer valuable insights into the potential future of the second-largest cryptocurrency.


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