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Is Ethereum Still a ‘Basket Case’ in This Bull Cycle? Will Prices Dip Further?


Challenges and Concerns Mount for Ethereum as Price Dips: Will the Downward Trend Continue?

The Future of Ethereum Price: Will It Continue To Dip?

As Ethereum (ETH) grapples with mounting challenges in its quest for widespread adoption, a recent report by 10x Research has labeled it as the “basket case” in this bull cycle. This has raised concerns about the future trajectory of ETH price, especially as it recently lost hold on a crucial level.

The report highlighted Ethereum’s pivotal role in facilitating DApps and the NFT market but also pointed out its weak fundamentals, which have become a cause for concern. This has negatively impacted Bitcoin’s trajectory, given the high correlation between these two crypto giants. The poor fundamentals are also casting a shadow over the Ethereum ecosystem.

In the previous cycle, Ethereum was seen as a revolutionary force poised to disrupt traditional banking systems. However, its failure to address scalability issues and adapt to changing market dynamics has left it lagging behind. Bitcoin has now taken on the role of digital gold, leaving ETH in its wake.

The strong correlation between Bitcoin and Ethereum, with an R-square of 95%, underscores the interconnectedness of these two cryptocurrencies. Ethereum’s struggles are proving to be a “roadblock” for Bitcoin, hindering broader fiat inflows into the crypto ecosystem.

The lower inflows into Ethereum are contributing to its price plummeting harder than Bitcoin. FTX, the bankrupt crypto exchange founded by Sam Bankman-Fried, has been dumping ETH to complete the liquidation process. Additionally, hackers are using Tornado Cash to launder stolen ETH funds, further impacting the market.

Analysts are warning of further downside for Ethereum, with price predictions suggesting a continued dip. If ETH fails to break out above $3,132.80, the bearish trend is likely to continue, with the next target set at $2,905.30. As of writing, ETH price was down by 3.10% to $3,078.99 on Tuesday, May 6, hitting a low of $3,027.59 amid the decline.

FTX’s recent liquidation spree, offloading over $12 million worth of Ethereum, and crypto hackers using Tornado Cash for anonymized transactions and profit realization are adding to the downward pressure on ETH price. The market remains volatile, with uncertainties looming over Ethereum’s future trajectory.


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