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Last-Minute Approval of Ethereum ETFs Signals a Major Change


Spot Ethereum ETF Approval: What it Means for Crypto and the November Elections

SEC Approval of Spot Ethereum ETFs Signals Political Shift with Big Implications for Crypto

In a surprising turn of events, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved spot ethereum exchange-traded funds on May 23, sparking excitement in the crypto community. Ethereum, known for its programmable money and smart contracts features, has gained popularity for its commercial applications, attracting big brands like Nike, Google, and PayPal to build projects on its blockchain.

The approval of these ETFs was unexpected, as the SEC had shown little communication with the eight ETF providers who had filed applications. However, just 72 hours before the deadline, the SEC initiated intense engagement with all the ETF sponsors, leading to the approval of the applications.

Despite the approval, the ETFs have not yet entered the marketplace due to unfinished paperwork. This delay has raised questions about the SEC’s handling of the approval process and its implications for the future of crypto.

The political shift on Capitol Hill is seen as a key factor in the SEC’s actions. With the upcoming November elections, the future of crypto in the United States hangs in the balance. The Democratic Party’s stance on crypto, led by SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, has raised concerns within the industry.

The crypto community has taken action, forming political action committees and funding them with significant amounts to influence the 2024 elections. Their primary targets are Democrats who oppose crypto legislation and regulation, signaling a growing rift between the industry and the government.

The approval of the ethereum ETFs has also highlighted the divide between the crypto industry and traditional financial institutions. Banks are currently prohibited from providing custody services for crypto, while platforms like Coinbase have amassed significant assets.

As the debate over crypto regulation continues, the industry is looking towards the upcoming elections for clarity on the future of digital assets in the United States. With both Democrats and Republicans taking opposing stances on crypto, the outcome of the elections could have far-reaching implications for the industry.


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