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Lisk to Drive Blockchain Adoption in Emerging Markets Through Mandatory Deployment


Lisk and Obligate Collaborate to Enhance DeFi Services in Emerging Markets

Lisk, a prominent layer-two solution and member of the Optimism Superchain, has announced a strategic collaboration with Obligate, a Swiss-based on-chain capital markets platform. The partnership aims to enhance access to decentralized financial services in emerging markets by deploying Obligate’s platform on Lisk’s efficient, fast, and scalable layer-two network.

By leveraging Lisk’s technology, Obligate will offer more accessible capital solutions through blockchain technology, bypassing traditional banking intermediaries and their associated high interest costs. This initiative is expected to empower businesses in emerging markets and facilitate economic growth and stability by enabling businesses to leverage their physical assets for funding.

Dominic Schwenter, CPO of Lisk, emphasized the importance of making blockchain technology accessible and solving real-world problems in emerging markets. He highlighted the deployment of Obligate on Lisk as a crucial step towards introducing the next billion people to the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Benedikt Schuppli, co-founder of Obligate, expressed excitement about the partnership and the potential positive impacts on regions in need. He emphasized the alignment between Lisk’s focus on real-world applications and assets and Obligate’s mission to offer secure and regulated blockchain solutions.

The collaboration between Lisk and Obligate is significant for its potential effects on real-world assets and the adoption of blockchain solutions in markets with varying technological infrastructure. By providing robust, efficient, and transparent financial options, the partnership aims to drive institutional adoption in on-chain capital markets and lower barriers for issuers.

Overall, the deployment of Obligate on Lisk’s layer-two network represents a significant step towards democratizing blockchain accessibility, promoting financial inclusion, and advancing blockchain solutions for emerging markets.


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