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Mainland Investors Show Strong Interest in Bitcoin Asia Conference in Hong Kong Despite Crypto Ban


Bitcoin Asia Conference in Hong Kong: A Gateway to the Future of Cryptocurrency

The recent launch of Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) in Hong Kong has sparked excitement among cryptocurrency investors and industry experts. David Bailey, co-founder and CEO of BTC Inc, believes that the introduction of ETFs in Hong Kong signifies a recognition that bitcoin is here to stay.

Bailey stated, “I think the ETFs were kind of an admission that bitcoin is here to stay. There’s no way that Hong Kong just accidentally stumbled into launching an ETF … It wasn’t random.”

One key feature of Hong Kong’s new ETFs is the acceptance of in-kind subscriptions, allowing investors to purchase shares using bitcoin and ether. This feature is seen as crucial by Bailey, as it enables crypto investors to use ETF shares as collateral for loans.

Moreover, the Hong Kong government has shown strong support for the cryptocurrency industry, hosting events like the Bitcoin Asia conference. Bailey noted that the city views bitcoin as a significant opportunity for growth.

Bitcoin Asia, held in Hong Kong, attracted a sizable turnout, with plans for future events in Tokyo and Singapore. The event’s success has raised hopes of re-establishing a foothold in China, a market that was once a major hub for bitcoin activity.

Ben Gagnon, chief mining officer at Bitfarms, expressed optimism about Hong Kong becoming a conduit for Chinese investors to access bitcoin technologies. He believes that Hong Kong could serve as a bridge to the crypto ecosystem in a safe and regulated manner.

As interest in bitcoin continues to rise, developers at Bitcoin Asia showcased new layer 2 solutions aimed at improving scalability and efficiency. Bailey highlighted the need for innovation to expand bitcoin’s user base from 200 million to 2 billion people worldwide.

While optimistic about the opportunities in the space, Bailey acknowledged the risks associated with the volatile nature of the industry. He emphasized the importance of distinguishing between promising ventures and potential failures in the evolving landscape of bitcoin technology.

Overall, the launch of ETFs in Hong Kong and the success of Bitcoin Asia reflect a growing interest and investment in the cryptocurrency sector, with stakeholders looking towards a future of innovation and expansion in the industry.


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