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Query Amazon Managed Blockchain to list unspent transaction outputs by address on Bitcoin


Using AMB Query to Retrieve Bitcoin Transaction Output Data at Scale

Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) is revolutionizing the way developers interact with the Bitcoin blockchain. With the rise of applications like wallets, marketplaces, and exchanges, the need for reliable access to the Bitcoin network is more crucial than ever. In a recent post, AMB introduced its Query API, which provides a seamless way to access critical data from the blockchain, including transaction outputs for wallets.

Traditionally, developers had to rely on running their own Bitcoin Core nodes or third-party data providers to access this data. However, AMB’s Query API offers a more scalable and cost-effective solution. By leveraging cloud-scale indexing and storage, AMB provides a low-latency API for retrieving transaction output data for an unlimited number of wallets.

One of the key features of the Query API is the ListFilteredTransactionEvents API, which allows developers to query for spent or unspent transaction outputs for specific addresses on the Bitcoin network. This API simplifies the process of constructing Bitcoin transactions by providing essential data such as transaction hashes, values, and confirmation statuses.

To demonstrate the power of the Query API, developers can use the ListFilteredTransactionEvents API to retrieve unspent transaction outputs for a given address on the Bitcoin testnet. By running a simple Node.js script, developers can easily access this data and use it to populate their applications with accurate and up-to-date information.

Overall, AMB’s Query API is a game-changer for developers looking to build applications that interact with the Bitcoin blockchain. By providing reliable, cost-effective access to Bitcoin data at scale, AMB is empowering developers to focus on building innovative features for their applications without the hassle of managing Bitcoin nodes. With the Query API, developers can easily retrieve transaction output data and broadcast Bitcoin transactions, making it easier than ever to build cutting-edge blockchain applications.


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