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Saying Goodbye for Now: Reflections on the Current State of Cryptocurrency


“Fortune Crypto Newsletter: A Look Back at Two Years of Turbulent Times in the Crypto Industry”

The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Crypto: A Two-Year Journey

In a whirlwind two years, the world of cryptocurrency has seen it all – from the highs of a booming market to the lows of scandal and bankruptcy. The Fortune Crypto newsletter, which was relaunched nearly two years ago, has been there every step of the way to chronicle the industry’s rollercoaster ride.

The journey began with the bursting of a crypto bubble, leading to a slump and eventually a full-blown catastrophe as major players like Celsius, BlockFi, FTX, and Three Arrows collapsed amidst scandal and financial ruin. The industry was in disarray, with once-revered visionaries exposed as rogues and swindlers, facing trials and prison sentences.

By late 2022, the newsletter’s editor was tempted to rename it Fortune Crime, given the slew of scandals and legal troubles plaguing the industry. However, just as all seemed lost, the tide turned once again. The crypto industry rebounded, fueled by Wall Street capital and the launch of Bitcoin ETFs, propelling it to new heights of success and wealth.

Through it all, the newsletter has maintained a fondness for the technological innovation, meme culture, and colorful characters that define the crypto world. Despite the challenges of daily reporting on such a volatile industry, the decision has been made to temporarily sunset the newsletter to recharge and focus on original reporting.

As the newsletter takes a break, readers are encouraged to stay tuned for its return in mid-July, after a much-needed vacation. The editor expresses gratitude to the smart and engaged readers who have followed the newsletter’s journey and invites them to continue sharing tips and ideas for future coverage.

The world of crypto may be unpredictable and at times tumultuous, but one thing is certain – it’s never boring. And as the industry continues to evolve and thrive, the Fortune Crypto newsletter will be there to capture every twist and turn along the way.


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