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Solana is the efficient, affordable blockchain that consistently fails


The Unfulfilled Promises of Solana (SOL): A Closer Look at Network Outages and Congestion

The Solana (SOL) blockchain, often touted as an “Ethereum killer,” has been facing significant challenges in delivering on its promises of speed and scalability. Despite claims of being able to process 50,000 transactions per second, the network has consistently underperformed, with transaction speeds peaking at around 1,000 TPS under real-world conditions.

One of the major issues plaguing Solana is network congestion, with a high percentage of transactions failing due to the demand for meme coins on the network. This has led to repeated network outages, with the network experiencing nine outages since 2021 alone, totaling more than 150 hours of downtime.

While some supporters argue that congestion is a sign of success and compare it to similar issues faced by Ethereum and Bitcoin in the past, others believe that Solana’s problems run deeper and cannot be easily dismissed. The network’s inability to handle high traffic and meme activity has rendered its core product essentially unusable.

Despite offering low transaction fees and attracting retail investors and bots, Solana’s unacceptable uptime performance raises questions about its reliability as a blockchain. For a network to be taken seriously, it must be able to operate without severe outages for a prolonged period.

As Solana continues to grapple with network issues, the future of the blockchain remains uncertain. Only time will tell if Solana can overcome its challenges and deliver on its promises of speed and scalability.


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