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StarkWare to Introduce ZK Scaling to Bitcoin in Addition to Ethereum


StarkWare Announces Plans to Build Bitcoin Scaling Solution Using Zero-Knowledge Technology

StarkWare, a leading blockchain developer, has made a groundbreaking announcement that is set to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency. The company, known for its contributions to Ethereum Layer 2 Starknet, is now turning its attention to Bitcoin with plans to introduce a scaling solution that could significantly enhance the capabilities of the popular digital currency.

With a valuation of $8 billion in its last investment round, StarkWare is poised to bring its zero-knowledge scaling technology to Bitcoin in a move that could transform the way transactions are processed on the network. The firm’s CEO and co-founder, Eli Ben-Sasson, expressed excitement about the potential of this new development, stating that Starknet will become the first network to settle simultaneously on both Bitcoin and Ethereum, scaling Bitcoin to thousands of transactions per second.

One of the key components of this initiative is the proposed Bitcoin OP_CAT upgrade, which is currently under discussion within the community. This upgrade, if implemented, could pave the way for StarkWare to deploy its scaling solution without the need for a fork, offering a seamless integration that could benefit users and developers alike.

In addition to the scaling solution, StarkWare has also announced a $1 million fund for Bitcoin researchers interested in contributing to its plans. This fund is aimed at supporting new discoveries related to the OP_CAT proposal and encouraging the development of innovative solutions that could enhance the functionality of the Bitcoin network.

The decision to focus on Bitcoin scaling comes after years of internal discussions at StarkWare, with Ben-Sasson highlighting the company’s long-standing interest in the topic. He emphasized the potential for Bitcoin to achieve its full capabilities with the implementation of STARK cryptography, which could enable features like micro-payments and enhanced security protocols.

While the OP_CAT proposal has garnered some skepticism within the Bitcoin community, Ben-Sasson remains optimistic about its potential benefits. He believes that the proposal aligns with StarkWare’s vision of empowering individuals and communities through blockchain technology, and he is committed to championing OP_CAT as a means of unlocking new possibilities for Bitcoin and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

Overall, StarkWare’s ambitious plans for Bitcoin scaling represent a significant step forward in the evolution of cryptocurrency technology. By leveraging its expertise and experience in scaling solutions, the company aims to position Bitcoin as a leading blockchain platform capable of supporting a wide range of applications and use cases. As the crypto industry continues to evolve, StarkWare’s innovative approach could play a crucial role in shaping the future of digital finance.


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