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SWIAT and adesso Collaborate to Launch SWIAT Access, Revolutionizing Blockchain Integration


SWIAT and adesso Unveil SWIAT Access: Streamlining Entry into the Blockchain Ecosystem for Financial Institutions

SWIAT and adesso Unveil SWIAT Access: A New Gateway to Blockchain for Financial Institutions

In a move to revolutionize the financial industry, SWIAT, a leading fintech company specializing in blockchain software, has announced a deeper partnership with IT service provider adesso. Together, they are launching SWIAT Access, a groundbreaking product designed to simplify entry into SWIAT’s blockchain ecosystem for financial institutions.

SWIAT Access functions as a secure connection point, similar to an Internet router, that bridges banks’ IT systems with SWIAT’s blockchain network. Leveraging adesso’s expertise, this innovative product eliminates the need for in-house IT resources and provides a seamless pathway for financial institutions to explore blockchain technology.

The launch of SWIAT Access comes at a time when financial institutions are increasingly interested in blockchain but face challenges due to limited IT capacities. This product aims to address these issues by offering a quick and efficient solution that can be implemented within days, allowing banks to access digital assets and engage in blockchain use cases without extensive technological preparation.

One of the key features of SWIAT Access is its enhanced security and flexibility. With or without additional key management software, banks can easily participate in blockchain activities related to regulated digital assets. This flexibility is crucial for institutions looking to dip their toes into blockchain technology without committing significant resources to build IT infrastructure.

The partnership between SWIAT and adesso is strategic in enhancing the security and functionality of blockchain operations in the financial sector. By providing a user-friendly gateway like SWIAT Access, the two companies are not only simplifying blockchain integration but also lowering entry barriers for financial institutions.

Looking ahead, SWIAT envisions a global standard for processing blockchain-based securities through its ecosystem. With the decentralized financial market projected to grow rapidly, SWIAT Access is poised to play a pivotal role in bridging traditional financial systems with emerging blockchain technologies, fostering a more inclusive and efficient financial ecosystem.

The introduction of SWIAT Access underscores the power of collaborative innovation in fintech and sets the stage for broader adoption and integration of blockchain technology in the financial industry. As the digital asset market continues to expand, products like SWIAT Access will be instrumental in driving the evolution of the financial landscape towards a more secure and interconnected future.


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