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Two important Bitcoin indicators have shown signs of cooling down – Here’s why this could be a positive signal


Key Bitcoin Trading Indicators Point to Potential Price Surge, Analyst Says

Bitcoin traders are keeping a close eye on two key indicators that could signal an upcoming price surge for the popular cryptocurrency. According to crypto analyst Will Clemente, the funding rate and three-month annualized basis rate for Bitcoin are showing signs that the price is poised to go upward soon.

In a recent post on X, Clemente noted that Bitcoin’s funding and basis rates have cooled off after briefly dipping into negative territory. The funding rate, which is used to track overall trader sentiment in the market, has recovered from a negative rate of -0.0050% on May 4 to 0.0091% at the time of writing.

Traders are taking note of these indicators, with some expressing bullish sentiment. Pseudonymous crypto commentator Crypto Empire described the current low funding rates as “the calm before the storm,” while another trader, Mister Crypto, echoed similar bullish feelings to their 98,000 followers.

Despite the positive indicators, liquidation data suggests that futures traders are still leaning bearish and anticipating a near-term price drop. A 3.5% rise in price to $65,000 could liquidate $1.36 billion in short positions, while a 3.5% drop to $60,500 would only wipe out $650 million in long positions.

On the other hand, the annualized basis rate for Bitcoin has increased to the higher end of the neutral range on major exchanges such as Binance, OKX, and Deribit. Traders often view rates above 10% as a neutral-to-bullish signal.

Overall, the combination of these indicators has traders cautiously optimistic about Bitcoin’s price potential in the near future. As always, readers are reminded that all investment and trading decisions involve risk and should be made after conducting thorough research.


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