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Uniswap Labs Acquires Crypto: The Game, Transforming it into a 24/7 Crypto Reality Show


Uniswap Labs Acquires Crypto: The Game (CTG) After Second Season Sells Out in 13 Minutes

The second season of Crypto: The Game (CTG) has taken the crypto world by storm, selling out in just 13 minutes and leaving thousands of fans scrambling for one of the 800 coveted spots. The survival game, built on the Base blockchain, has captured the attention of both crypto enthusiasts and outsiders alike, leading decentralized exchange Uniswap Labs to announce its acquisition of the game.

Uniswap Labs’ chief operating officer, Mary-Catherine Lader, expressed excitement about the acquisition, stating that the company is focused on making on-chain experiences more human and fun. The purchase amount, which includes a mixture of cash, tokens, and equity, remains undisclosed.

Founders Dylan Abruscato, Tyler Cagle, and Bryan Lee will join Uniswap as part of the acquisition, with the companies already working on developing season three of CTG. Despite the acquisition, the game will not simply serve as an advertisement for Uniswap’s wallet or exchange, as both companies are committed to creating new interactive consumer crypto experiences.

CTG draws inspiration from popular TV shows like Survivor and Squid Game, with contestants participating in challenges and voting each other out over a 10-day period. The grand prize pot for season one exceeded $150,000, growing to around $250,000 by season two.

Uniswap Labs sponsored a challenge in season two, alongside partners like Adidas and Wormhole, gaining insight into how CTG attracts new users to crypto. The game has garnered a cult-like following within the crypto community, with speculators and fans alike tuning in to watch the drama unfold.

With a mix of crypto enthusiasts, venture capitalists, founders, and notable influencers engaging with the game, CTG also appeals to “normies” who are new to crypto. This suggests that the game could serve as an opportunity to onboard new users to decentralized finance.

Overall, CTG has become a 24/7 crypto reality show, complete with villain arcs, drama, and fan favorites, captivating the crypto community and beyond. As Uniswap Labs and CTG gear up for season three, the future looks bright for this innovative and engaging crypto game.


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