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Enhanced Features through TRX Staking and Increased Blockchain Compatibility


Introducing TRX Staking and Expanded Blockchain Support with B2BinPay

B2BinPay Enhances User Experience with TRX Staking and Expanded Blockchain Support

B2BinPay, the world-leading blockchain platform, has just rolled out its latest version with exciting new features that promise to revolutionize the user experience. The introduction of TRX staking and expanded blockchain support are set to offer customers more flexibility and efficiency than ever before.

TRX Staking – Earn While You Transact!

One of the key highlights of B2BinPay v20 is the introduction of TRX staking, leveraging the advanced Stake 2.0 mechanism from the TRON community. This new approach enhances flexibility, simplifies user interactions, and improves efficiency in resource delegation and utilization.

With TRX staking, B2BinPay clients can stake any amount of TRX and earn a passive annual yield of 3-5% (subject to network conditions). Additionally, staking TRX helps reduce transaction fees on the TRON network by converting staked TRX into Bandwidth and Energy, essential network resources for smart contract operations and transaction processing capacity.

Broader Blockchain Support with Optimism, Arbitrum, and Base

In addition to the TRX staking feature, B2BinPay v20 expands its blockchain support with the addition of Optimism, Arbitrum, and Base, all offering native support for stablecoins. These new integrations build on the existing support for Polygon and Avalanche, providing users with more options for their transactions.

Optimism operates as a Layer 2 solution for Ethereum, enhancing scalability and reducing fees significantly. Arbitrum facilitates higher transaction volumes at lower costs, while Base, developed by Coinbase, supports stablecoins and simplifies code deployment across Ethereum and compatible blockchains.

Why Does Expanded Blockchain Support Matter for Clients?

The expanded blockchain support offered by B2BinPay allows users to match the appropriate technology to their business needs and increase transaction options. With support for USDT and USDC on multiple networks, clients can streamline withdrawals, reduce transaction fees, and ensure liquidity for trading platforms.

Looking Ahead

B2BinPay is not stopping there. The platform is planning to introduce Algorand and Solana in the next release, further expanding the total number of blockchains supporting stablecoin transactions to ten. With a focus on modern blockchain payment processing solutions, B2BinPay is committed to helping businesses optimize their potential.

Stay connected with B2BinPay to take advantage of these cutting-edge features and enhance your company’s payment processing capabilities.


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