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Euclid Protocol Introduces a Comprehensive Liquidity Solution for the Blockchain Ecosystem


Euclid Protocol Launches Unified Liquidity Layer to Address Blockchain Liquidity Fragmentation

Euclid Protocol Revolutionizes Blockchain Liquidity with Innovative Shared Layer

In a groundbreaking move to address the challenge of fragmented liquidity within the blockchain ecosystem, Euclid Protocol has launched a novel shared liquidity layer. This innovative layer, built on Nibiru Chain, aims to harmonize liquidity across diverse blockchain networks, including Cosmos, Solana, and EVM-based networks.

The company recently secured USD 600,000 in a pre-seed funding round led by tech investment firm Kahuna Network and angel investor Tomoaki Sato. Other investors associated with Lavender Five, Andromeda, Nibiru Chain, among others, also participated in the funding round. Additionally, Euclid received a grant and liquidity support to bootstrap liquidity within its pools.

The funding raised will be allocated towards various aspects, including the development of architecture and project infrastructure, business development initiatives, audits, and marketing endeavors.

Euclid officials emphasize that the Unified Liquidity Layer is designed to offer users a chain-agnostic modular experience, prioritizing scalability and the cultivation of an efficient market environment. The Virtual Liquidity Pool (VLP) model enables the virtual unification of liquidity across integrated chains without migration, empowering users and developers to monitor liquidity seamlessly.

The Virtual Settlement Layer (Nibiru) functions as a singular ledger of truth that all Euclid-integrated blockchains can connect to, offering minimal slippage and equitable prices across the ecosystem. This framework ensures convenient access to any chain or protocol.

By unifying liquidity, Euclid aims to enhance decentralization and eliminate single points of failure, ensuring liquidity remains evenly distributed throughout the blockchain. The company plans to expand its unified liquidity layer beyond the Cosmos ecosystem to encompass both EVM and non-EVM chains.

Supporting the Liquidity Layer framework is $EUCL, the native governance revenue share token. Holders of $EUCL can stake it to receive revenue from protocol fees and participate in governance and the protocol’s treasury. Governance and revenue sharing initiatives will be determined and funded by $EUCL holders.

Euclid’s innovative approach to addressing liquidity fragmentation is set to revolutionize the blockchain ecosystem, offering users a seamless and efficient liquidity experience across diverse networks.


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