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Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Alleviate Water Scarcity


Blockchain Technology Revolutionizing Water Distribution: A Conversation with Atlantis CEO Irthu Suresh

Atlantis, a project dedicated to addressing water scarcity issues exacerbated by climate change, is making waves with its innovative approach to water distribution using blockchain technology. In a recent interview with Irthu Suresh, CEO of Atlantis, he shared insights into how the project is leveraging blockchain to transfer water from areas of surplus to areas of need.

The project, which started as a Web2 company focusing on climate change solutions, faced challenges with existing power structures and regulations. This led Atlantis to explore decentralized distributed systems, ultimately incorporating blockchain technology into their operations. By creating a peer-to-peer water network on blockchain, Atlantis was able to incentivize local communities to participate in water transfer initiatives.

In a pilot program across 50 villages in Chikmagalur, India, Atlantis successfully exchanged over 21,000 kiloliters of water through a system of bounties that rewarded participants for tasks related to water harvesting and distribution. The project has over 3,000 people involved, including consumers, harvesters, surveyors, and validators, creating local green jobs and promoting community engagement.

Despite challenges with onboarding and educating users about blockchain technology, Atlantis remains committed to its mission of using blockchain to address water scarcity and poverty. The project has integrated interoperability features to allow for the use of different tokens on the platform, ensuring flexibility in funding water projects globally.

As Irthu Suresh prepares to speak at the Consensus festival in Austin, Texas, he hopes to showcase the real-world impact of blockchain technology beyond DeFi trading. By highlighting the success of Atlantis in fighting water problems and poverty, Suresh aims to inspire others to explore the potential of distributed ledgers in addressing pressing global challenges.


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