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Maincard.io Debuts on TON Blockchain, Transforming the World of Sports Betting


Maincard.io Launches on TON Blockchain: Revolutionizing Web3 Sports Fantasy Gaming

Maincard.io, the leading Web3 sports fantasy card game, has made a groundbreaking move by officially launching on the mainnet of the TON blockchain. This development signifies a major step forward in the integration of blockchain technology into the sports betting industry, with the aim of providing an enhanced gaming experience for millions of Telegram users worldwide.

The transition to the TON blockchain has been a carefully planned process for Maincard.io, starting in January 2024 with the development of the platform on the TON blockchain test network. The platform’s decision to move from the Polygon blockchain to TON demonstrates its commitment to leveraging the potential of the TON ecosystem and incorporating exclusive features tailored for this blockchain.

In March 2024, Maincard.io was accepted into the TON Foundation accelerator program, a significant achievement that opened up investment opportunities within the TON ecosystem, including access to a $2 million funding pool from TON Ventures.

Val Makovetskii, CEO and founder of Maincard.io, emphasized the simplicity and accessibility of the TON blockchain, making blockchain technology as easy to use as opening the Telegram app. Inal Kardan, Gaming Lead at TON Foundation, praised Maincard.io’s preparation for the mainnet launch and highlighted the platform’s contribution to the mass adoption of Web3 products and services.

Maincard.io offers players the opportunity to predict outcomes of real-life sports and esports events using game cards to earn rewards. With features like Battles mode and Tournaments, the platform aims to provide engaging gameplay experiences for users. To celebrate the launch on the TON blockchain, Maincard.io is offering two free game cards to newly registered users, accessible through the Maincard bot on Telegram.

Incentives for community engagement are also a key focus for Maincard.io, with up to 50,000 TON tokens allocated to reward community involvement in the transition to the TON blockchain. The platform distributed 5,200 TON tokens during the first airdrop, with an additional 45,000 TON tokens reserved for future incentive rewards.

The launch of Maincard.io on the TON blockchain is expected to significantly expand the platform’s reach and user engagement. By leveraging the robust infrastructure and extensive user base of the TON ecosystem, Maincard.io aims to revolutionize the sports betting industry with its innovative Web3 fantasy card game. This strategic move sets a precedent for the integration of blockchain technology into mainstream gaming and betting applications, paving the way for a new era of decentralized sports betting experiences.


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