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Metallicus and BankSocial Utilize Blockchain Technology to Transform the Banking Industry


Revolutionizing the Banking Sector: Metallicus and BankSocial Harnessing Blockchain Technology

In a time when the cryptocurrency market is abuzz with news of the SEC’s approval of a Bitcoin ETF and crackdowns on crypto exchanges, two companies are quietly revolutionizing the banking sector through blockchain technology. Metallicus and BankSocial are at the forefront of leveraging blockchain’s potential to reshape the future of banking.

Metallicus has launched the Metal Blockchain Banking Innovation Program, which has caught the attention of three credit unions: Vibrant, Meritrust Credit Union, and Fairwinds. This program aims to explore custom use cases, integrate fintech partnerships, and ensure regulatory compliance with the help of industry experts. Frank Mazza, Metallicus’s director of blockchain and digital assets, highlights the challenges faced by banks and credit unions in deploying blockchain solutions due to resource constraints and regulatory uncertainties.

On the other hand, BankSocial, operating on Hedera Hashgraph distributed ledger technology, is offering a unique crypto exchange for credit unions and a Know Your Customer (KYC) solution. The company’s vision includes establishing ‘DeFy Federal Credit Union’ and creating a template for credit unions to seamlessly participate in the Web3 ecosystem. John Wingate, chief executive and founder of BankSocial, emphasizes the company’s goal of fostering a Web3 ecosystem where credit unions can thrive.

Credit unions have become attractive partners for Web3 companies like Metallicus and BankSocial, thanks to the NCUA’s support for exploring distributed ledger technology. This shift marks a significant change as credit unions are now being sought after for partnerships and collaborations over traditional banks.

The history of blockchain technology with credit unions dates back to the CU Ledger project in 2016, which laid the groundwork for future blockchain adoption. Now known as Bonifii, the project focuses on identity verification solutions to combat fraud.

As credit unions delve into blockchain technology, they may outpace traditional banks in technological advancement. While banks grapple with regulatory hurdles associated with offering crypto services, companies like Metallicus and BankSocial are poised to lead the charge in blockchain innovation within the credit union sector.

The emergence of Metallicus and BankSocial as leaders in blockchain innovation highlights the transformative potential of blockchain in banking. As credit unions embrace blockchain technology, they have the opportunity to redefine banking practices and establish themselves as leaders in the digital era.


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