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Over the past 24 hours, exchanges witness $295 million in liquidations in the crypto market.


Bitcoin Faces Heavy Selling Pressure, Falls Below $60,000 Support Level

Bitcoin faced heavy selling pressure in the past 24 hours, causing the digital asset to drop below the $60,000 support level and hit a recent low of around $57,800. This resulted in over $77 million in bitcoin long liquidations across centralized exchanges, out of a total of $92 million in liquidated BTC positions.

The broader cryptocurrency market also saw significant liquidations, with over $295 million in liquidations on centralized exchanges, including around $259 million in long positions. Ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency, experienced over $71 million in liquidations, with $62 million coming from long positions.

Despite the recent downturn in the cryptocurrency market, derivatives traders are optimistic about price increases in the coming months, particularly for ether. Analysts from QCP Capital noted that the options market is still bullish, with interest heavily skewed towards ether calls for September and December expiries.

The analysts also highlighted two dynamics that could drive a reversal in the current downtrend. They mentioned that liquidation clusters on bitcoin and ether are heavily skewed to the topside, potentially leading to short squeezes. Additionally, they pointed out that spot Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF) S-1 form approvals are on the horizon, which could result in a strong bounce in ether prices.

The market report from QCP Capital also emphasized that bitcoin miners are showing signs of capitulation, historically associated with a bottom in prices. A CryptoQuant report further supported this, noting various signs of miner capitulation and a significant decrease in total daily revenues for miners.

Overall, while the cryptocurrency market is currently facing challenges, there are indicators pointing towards potential price rebounds in the near future. Traders and analysts are closely monitoring market dynamics and upcoming events that could impact the prices of bitcoin and ether.


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