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Stand With Crypto Establishes Election Fund, Supports Candidates Running for Vacant Positions


Stand With Crypto Launches Political Action Committee (PAC) and Endorses Congressional Candidates

Stand With Crypto, a rapidly growing organization of cryptocurrency supporters, is making waves in the political arena with the launch of its own political action committee (PAC). Chief Strategist Nick Carr announced that the PAC will be endorsing and making direct donations to congressional candidates who support crypto and blockchain innovation.

With over 443,000 members and more than $86 million raised for advocacy operations, Stand With Crypto is positioning itself as a major player in the political landscape. Unlike other crypto campaign-finance efforts, which are often backed by major digital asset businesses, Stand With Crypto’s PAC is supported by individual members who are limited to $5,000 contributions.

The organization has already endorsed five candidates for open seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, including city councilman Eddy Morales from Oregon and securities watchdog Troy Downing from Montana. These candidates have demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing crypto and blockchain technologies in America.

In a statement, Carr emphasized the importance of supporting candidates who understand the potential of emerging technologies to empower individuals and drive economic growth. The PAC will continue to endorse candidates who align with its mission of promoting innovation and regulatory clarity in the crypto space.

As the November general election approaches, Stand With Crypto’s PAC will play a key role in supporting candidates who champion crypto-friendly policies. With a growing list of endorsements and a dedicated base of supporters, the organization is poised to make a significant impact on the political landscape in the months to come.


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