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The Crucial Role of Binance in the Arrest of ZKasino Scam Suspect


Binance’s On-Chain Investigations Team Leads to Arrest of ZKasino Scam Suspect

Binance’s Investigations Team Leads Law Enforcement to Arrest ZKasino Scam Suspect

In a groundbreaking development, Binance’s on-chain investigations team played a crucial role in the arrest of the suspect behind the ZKasino scam, a fraudulent gambling platform that defrauded investors of millions of dollars in digital assets.

The investigation was triggered by widespread community outrage, prompting Binance’s Crime Compliance and Investigations team to delve into the fraudulent activities of ZKasino. Using a combination of on-chain tracking and open-source intelligence methods, the researchers were able to identify the suspect behind the smart contracts.

After pinpointing the individual responsible for the fraud, Binance promptly alerted law enforcement, leading to the arrest of the 26-year-old suspect on April 29. The Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD) seized over 11.4 million euros ($12.2 million) worth of crypto, real estate, and luxury cars linked to the scam.

This marks a significant milestone in the ZKasino fraud case, where investors lost at least $33 million in digital assets. The platform had initially promised users a return on their investment within 30 days, but Dutch authorities revealed that the smart contract indicated otherwise.

Binance’s swift action also resulted in the freezing of millions of dollars worth of stolen crypto through the ZKasino rug pull. The investigations team has been working closely with Dutch authorities to track the flow of funds and unravel the complexities of the malicious smart contracts involved in the scam.

Despite the arrest, the movement of funds on-chain suggests that multiple other individuals were involved in the rug pull. Binance remains committed to collaborating with law enforcement to ensure that the stolen funds are recovered and returned to investors.

The crypto community also played a pivotal role in the arrest of the ZKasino suspect, with popular analysts and investors contributing valuable insights that aided in identifying the scammer. Binance confirmed that the suspect behind the rug pull was pseudonymous ZKasino builder Derivatives Ape, whose previous comments on social media helped in his identification.

As the investigation continues, Binance’s Investigations team remains dedicated to upholding the integrity of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and holding perpetrators of fraud and scams accountable for their actions.


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