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Using Cryptocurrency to Support Open-Source Generative AI Funding


Exploring the Financial Integration of Web3 and Generative AI: Addressing the Funding Challenges

Title: Bridging the Gap: How Crypto Could Solve Funding Challenges in Open-Source Generative AI

The intersection between generative artificial intelligence and Web3 has been a hot topic in crypto circles, with recent trends aiming to create Web3-native rails for AI workloads. However, one of the biggest challenges facing the current generative AI market is funding for open-source projects.

Despite the innovation in decentralized generative AI, the gap with centralized AI tech is widening. The adoption challenges for decentralized AI platforms are significant, with decentralized compute, zero-knowledge ML, and decentralized data marketplaces facing practical limitations.

Open-source generative AI is crucial for the success of decentralized AI, but it is facing a massive funding issue. Building large frontier models costs millions of dollars, which is beyond the budget of most university labs. This funding crunch could create a serious gap with AI incumbents.

Crypto’s capital formation primitives could offer a solution to the funding crunch in generative AI. Gitcoin’s quadratic funding mechanism, which has been successful in funding open-source projects in Web3, could be applied to generative AI. Additionally, a new open-source generative AI license could ensure that revenue from commercial applications using funded models is reinvested back into the community.

Not enabling proper funding channels for open-source generative AI could shift the balance entirely to closed commercial platforms, posing a systemic risk to the space. Crypto has established sophisticated channels for funding open-source innovation, making it a potential bridge between Web3 and generative AI.

In conclusion, the integration of Web3 and AI could be driven by financial mechanisms rather than purely technical ones. By leveraging the capital formation capabilities of crypto, the funding challenges in open-source generative AI could be addressed, ensuring the continued innovation and success of decentralized AI.


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