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VanEck forecasts Ethereum reaching $22,000 per token by 2030


VanEck Predicts Ethereum (ETH) Price to Reach $22,000 by 2030: Comprehensive Analysis

VanEck Predicts Ethereum (ETH) Price to Reach $22,000 by 2030

In a recent analysis published on June 5, asset manager VanEck has made a bold prediction that Ethereum (ETH) will be worth approximately $22,000 by the year 2030. The forecast, developed by the firm’s Digital Assets Research team, led by Matthew Sigel, highlights Ethereum’s strong growth potential within both traditional and cryptocurrency-focused portfolios.

The optimistic price target is attributed to Ethereum’s expanding role as a high-growth, internet-native commercial system that has the potential to disrupt traditional financial sectors and Big Tech platforms. The report emphasizes Ethereum’s significant user base and economic activity, noting that the network currently supports approximately 20 million monthly active users, facilitates $4 trillion in annual settlement value, and oversees $308 billion in digital assets.

VanEck’s valuation model for ETH is based on a forecast of $66 billion in free cash flows by 2030, with a 33x valuation multiple on those cash flows. The model considers Ethereum’s potential to disrupt various business sectors, including finance, marketing, infrastructure, and artificial intelligence.

If Ethereum maintains its dominance among smart contract platforms, VanEck sees a credible path to generating $66 billion in free cash flow for token holders, supporting a $2.2 trillion market capitalization and a $22,000 price per ETH by 2030.

The company emphasized ETH’s broad use cases, calling it a “revolutionary asset with few parallels in the non-crypto financial world.” VanEck cited ETH’s role as “digital oil” consumed in on-chain use and referred to it as “programmable money and a yield-bearing commodity.”

While the report is optimistic about Ethereum’s future, it also highlights several risks associated with investing in ETH, including speculative activities, regulatory changes, competitive landscape, and government actions to control non-sovereign financial systems.

Overall, VanEck’s analysis paints a bullish picture for Ethereum’s future, projecting significant growth potential and a substantial increase in value by 2030.


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