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Can Ethereum NFTs Stage a Comeback?


Analyzing Ethereum’s NFT Gas Usage Trends: A Deep Dive into Onchain Highlights

The Ethereum network’s gas consumption by transactions involving non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has been a topic of interest for many in the crypto community. Recent data has shown that platforms like Blur and OpenSea have been dominating gas consumption since early 2024, indicating a high level of activity in the NFT market.

On the other hand, platforms like Rarible and SuperRare have shown lower gas usage, suggesting a smaller user base or less frequent transactions. These shifts in gas consumption reflect the changing landscape of the NFT market and its impact on Ethereum’s overall network activity.

Historically, spikes in gas usage by NFT transactions have correlated with broader trends in Ethereum’s price movements. For example, the surge in early 2021 coincided with a bull run in the crypto market, leading to more transactions and higher gas fees. As Ethereum’s price stabilized in mid-2023, NFT-related gas usage also normalized.

The current trend indicates that while new NFT marketplaces are emerging, established platforms like Blur and OpenSea continue to maintain dominance in gas consumption. This dynamic relationship plays a crucial role in understanding the operational costs and transaction efficiency of the Ethereum network.

However, despite the relative usage remaining consistent with past cycles, overall NFT gas usage has significantly decreased since January 2023 as a percentage of overall network activity. This decline can be attributed to the rising popularity of layer-2 solutions like Base and side chains like Polygon, as well as a general downtrend in the NFT market.


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