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Is blockchain poised to revolutionize ticketing?


Smart Ticketing System Using Blockchain: A Game-Changer in Transport Industry

Researchers from the University of Birmingham have proposed a new system called STUB (System for Ticketing Ubiquity within Blockchains) that could revolutionize transport ticketing. The system, based on blockchain technology, aims to create a smart ticketing solution that allows for interconnected ticketing across different modes of transport.

According to the researchers, blockchain technology combined with ontology could provide a robust, transparent, and interconnected data framework for ticketing. This would enable service providers to sell and validate tickets as tokens on a secure network, simplifying the ticketing process for passengers.

Lead author Joe Preese highlighted that STUB’s approach is not to replace existing ticketing infrastructure but to empower providers to share core ticketing data and build new solutions on top of it. However, the integration with existing systems and the scalability of the technology pose significant challenges that need to be addressed through successful pilot programs.

The potential benefits of blockchain-based ticketing include streamlining the ticketing process, providing comprehensive data about routes and schedules, and offering a single portal for payment. While the implementation of STUB may not be quick or easy, the researchers believe that overcoming these challenges could lead to a more efficient and user-friendly ticketing system for passengers.


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